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READ and ACCEPT – Participation Requirements

This is a community event that has thrived for a decade, grown from goodwill and care for each other. The participation requirements are intended to provide an event that best accommodates the widest range of our community.

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to follow the event Participation Requirements, which will adapt up to and including the event:

  • Good conduct policy – You will conduct yourself at the event in a spirit of civility in line with the conduct required by the organizers and on-site volunteers.
  • No refunds and no chargeback policy – this is a charity event and has operated since inception on a no refunds policy. If you purchase a ticket and your plans change, there will be no refund. If, at the event, you violate the participation requirements, you will be required to immediately depart the event, and there will be no refund. In all cases, you will not make a credit card chargeback for your event ticket. Should you file a chargeback you will be banned from attending future Chicago Seminars events. Be happy that the event charities will benefit from your graciousness, even if you find yourself in that position from lack of graciousness. Ticket transfers will be allowed up to October 18, 2024, email the organizers with the ticket transfer request details at: [email protected].
  • No recording of sessions – the no recording policy allows open discussions and respects the hard work of speakers. Anyone found to be recording (video, audio, or otherwise, that includes photos of every slide, etc) will be removed from the event with no refund. Exceptions only if a speaker gives explicitly up-front permission for some form of recording.

We have a decade of successful events that have built friendships and raised tens of thousands of dollars for worthy charities. We thank you for your understanding. This will be another great event for our community.